Even though a chassis dyno is not the end all be all for measuring performance gains, it is quite useful for measuring gains relative to each other. It's also a great place to start when trying out new ideas, it's a controlled environment where one can limit the risk of the unforeseen going wrong with any of the monitoring equipment. New setups can be easily verified for proper mechanical status as well as stellar performance gains. Here at Cartek we use the dyno as one of our many tools to help improve the level of performance that we provide to you the customer throughout our never ending research and development programs.

Our chassis dynamometer setup consists of the following:
• Dynojet 248C
• Data-acquisition
• 16 channel
• Dual wide band
• Dual temperature sensor
• Boost pressure sensor
• Nitrous pressure sensor
• Fuel Pressure sensor
• Remaining channels are programmable to our needs

With these accurate features we can easily monitor and measure many different aspects of your street or race car. The quantity of the data as well as the quality of the data is what keeps us at the front of the pack. This is the setup that we use for both our custom dyno tunes as well as for our speed density tunes on forced induction applications.

We also offer dyno pulls with data acquisition for those wanting to simply bring in their car to obtain an idea of where they are at. Just give us a call for time frames of availability.

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