Building a great high performance engine requires absolute control over every aspect of the build. We believe that our in house machine shop is one of the reasons we build some of the most reliable and best performing engines in the LSx industry.

Without having to rely on out sourcing our machine work we are able to keep tight tolerances on quality. Another belief of ours is that the end product is also limited by the precision and accuracy of the tools used. Our machining equipment is state of the art, for example here is a list of some of the equipment used:

Rottler CNC HP6A Diamond head
      - Performed with a Torque Plate
      - up to 4.200 bore
      - computer controlled

           •tolerances +/- .0002 from top to bottom of sleeve
           •Precise control of cross hatch angle and load
           •Repeatability between cylinders for settings

Rottler HP6A Diamond Head Cutter Honing with Torque Plate Honing with Torque Plate
Hone Torque Plates
      RMC 10 milling machine
      - PDC technology for cutting aluminum
      - CBN technology for cutting iron
      - Consistency

            •Fully adjustable cutting rpm
            •Fully adjustable table speed
            •Allows for controlled cut finish

RMC 10 RMC 10 Cutter RMC 10 Milled Head Surface
      Serdi 2.0
      -Full Radius valve job
            •allows for a smooth contoured transition from port to valve seat to chamber as
              opposed to a multi angle valve job such as a 3 angle or 5 angle where multiple
              angle cuts create the transition.
      -Over size seats
      -Guide work
            •all guides are finished with a stone hone(Quickway), not just a reaming.
            •Gives the appropriate cross hatch
      -Aids in consistency
            •valve tip at the same height (+/- .005).
            •Consistent installed spring height without shims
            •keeps pushrod length consistent(even preload on all lifters)
            •Chamber volumes remain consistent through keeping the seat height the same

Serdi 2.0 Serdi Cutting Seat Vacuum test Serdi Valve Job

We offer other machining services as well, such as repair work on cylinder heads including welding of the cylinder head if required. Depending on the damage many different pieces of equipment mentioned and not mentioned may be used to bring the cylinder head back up to specification.

All work performed is done by our knowledgeable and experienced staff that have decades of combined machining and performance engine building experience. Rest assured that all performed work will be done to the exact tolerances required.

For a full list of machining services offered by us refer to the pricing guide below.

Milling Heads CALL
Valve Job CALL
Installing Valve Seats (x16) CALL
Guides (Remove and Install) CALL
Line-honing block CALL
Decking Block CALL
Boring and Honing block w/Torque Plate CALL
Touch up Hone of block w/Torque Plate CALL
Re-Sleeve LS1/LS2 Block CALL
Cylinder Head Repair $ per case basis
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